Just a goon from the boonies who enjoys some of the entertainment that floats over from Japan, action, humor and the occasional cute thing.

I also partake in attempting to puke out art and playing the video games.

Ages 23-64 only…

I would like to know the reasoning behind excluding their target audience.


TIL: Goku conquered the Hawaiian Islands.


"Yuh’ hot fuh’ days!”Full view here!


"Yuh’ hot fuh’ days!
Full view here!

I quite enjoyed all of the new Smash Bros. news.

I also quite enjoyed Masahiro Sakurai’s mega ring evolution pose.

My favorite part (aside from the new fighters introduced haha).

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While rummaging for Ripto’s Rage, I uncovered this forgotten gem:

Ohhh, baby…

Spike Spencer should earn a dollar every time he is asked to say “father” in a role.

Voicing Shinji and Guan Suo alone would have probably earned him more money than I make in a week. And he’d deserve every penny.

Cleaning up some of the old notes on the map I had in my other save file in Castlevania: Mirror of Fate.

5% actually helpful reminders

95% pointless Crasher-Vania references



So, we did a thing. Very proud to contribute the Twitch Plays Pokemon fandom, which is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen on this site.

This was so fun to write, you have no ideaaaaaaaaaa

While picking up my egg at the day-care, I accidentally spammed B and the day-care man kept it.

I am concerned.

If a man who raises Pokemon for a living doesn’t even know where an egg comes from, I hate to imagine what he does with unclaimed eggs…

Sorry, Scatterbug. I hope you don’t become an omelet.


and may the helix be with them